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11 Motivational Videos that will Get You Amped

Motivational Videos that will Get You Amped

Why do we lack motivation?

The answer will fascinate you...

In these videos you will discover the core reasons why we lack motivation.

Each video is carefully selected to highlight the key aspects of motivation and how it affects your life.

After watching these videos, you will feel like a new person.

These videos go beyond Bubblegum teaching, that gives you a taste, but no nutrition. They are in-depth teachings from some of the most successful motivational speakers on Earth.

That's why you want to take your time to digest their contents.

Absorbing the deep wisdom they contain.

And as you do this you will begin to feel more and more Amped everyday as you  turn your desires into realities.

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Eric Thomas - How Bad Do You Want It?

A remarkably powerful video who asks the question:

"How bad do you want success?"

You see when we want something,...

...we will do what it takes to obtain it.

If we lack desire...

...we will lack action.

This video will help you develop a burning desire to become more.

Nick Vujicic - The Video that Made his Career

In this remarkably inspirational video...

...Nick Vujicic talks about his search for meaning and purpose.

He talks about how he learnt to believe in himself...

... and to inoculate himself against the harsh judgements of others.

He relates how he discovered his inner personal power...

...and how you can find your inner personal power too.

Tony Robbins - Unleash the Power Within

An extract from Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within seminar.

And in this one you will really learn how to unleash that power.

He relates how our conditioning ultimately determines out destiny.

It is the habits that matter most.

There is so much wisdom in this video that a summary would be 10 pages long!

Listen and be amazed!

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Nick Vujicic - World's Apart: No Limits, No Worries

In this powerful interview Nick Vujicic relates how we should...


Regardless of the circumstances we face.

He talks about the disability of fear and the courage to overcome all adversity and live a life of love.

A message of hope and inspiration.

Zig Ziglar - You Were ​Born to Win

Zig Ziglar is a very powerful and inspiring speaker.

In these powerful videos he teaches you that...

You Were Born to Win

But in order to win you must...

  • Plan to Win
  • Prepare to Win
  • Then Expect to Win

Powerful stuff... sure to get AMPED.

Listen now.

Jim Rohn

One of my favourite motivational speakers.

I like him because his advise if practical, not just motivational.

This presentation is at a network marketing event.

Although I'm personally no a fan of network marketing,...

...his message is spot on.

He talks about the seriousness of

  • ...success...
  • ....money
  • ...your future

You've got to get serious...

...then you can get results.

Gaur Gopal Das - A Monk who Bought a Ferrari

I first came across Gaur Gopal Das on WhatsApp.

People kept sending me his videos.

They were remarkably inspirational.

I thought to myself...

...I need to find out more about this guy

...and share his ideas with others.

In this video he tells the story of the monk who bought a Ferrari, in a parody of the book...

His message at the end,...

...is a message we all have to hear.

Jim Rohn - Take Risks

I just love Jim Rohn.

In this video he talks about taking risks.

He has a very clever take on the topic.

I know I myself, used to take too few risks,...

...or the wrong types of risks.

He teaches us how to find the middle way,...

...when it comes to Risk Taking.

Gaur Gopal Das - What Makes Life Complete

I think Gaur Gopal Das... really likes fast cars...

In this very hilarious video he shares the story of how a friend asked him to bless his yellow Lamborgini...

And in so doing shares...

...a deep lesson on what makes life complete.

Richard Bandler - Become More Motivated

Richard Bandler is one of the fathers of NLP.

A breakthrough approach to reprogramming the human mind.

He is one of the world's top experts in motivation.

Potentially unequaled in his technical knowledge...

...on how the brain is motivated.

In this video his keen logic and hypnotic language patterns...

...will masterfully transform the way you think about motivation.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold needs no introduction...

...but what is more amazing is how he become a Superstar Actor.

He used the Law of Attraction and the power of Visualisation in a most remarkable way.

In this video you will discover key insights into how he visualised his future...

...and how you can mimic his strategies.


At the end of the day...

Motivation is really about...

  • Knowing what you want
  • Rewarding yourself for progress
  • Celebrating the wins
  • Looking at the bright side... even if the outside is dark

These videos have given you some powerful insights as to how you can follow these simple steps.

It's time to get motivated.

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