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7 Videos That Will Leave You Feeling Optimistic and Inspired

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We all know that we need to...

…feel optimistic in times of trouble…

Unfortunately, when things are going badly, the last thing we want is to be is more positive.

Often circumstances can feel overwhelming,…

  • …the newspaper headlines can make you think the world is ending tomorrow,
  • …and everything may seem like it is going wrong in your life.

And by the Law of Attraction, the worse you feel, the worse your circumstances become.

So How Do You Get Yourself Out Of This Pit Of Despair?

You need to change your thoughts, by watching inspirational videos on optimism.

This will…

  • change your vibration and what you attract into your life.
  • …you will feel better and your life will become better.
  • The Law of Attraction will start working for you again.

To help with this process, we have carefully selected 7 videos on optimism that will inspire you every day.

You Can

  • Visit This Post Every Day,
  • …And Watch These Videos,
  • …Until You Feel Like
  • …You Are In Control Of Your Life.

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Video 1: The Dalai Lama

This remarkable video was recorded at the end of a two day…

…interactive dialogue with US Institute of Peace Youth Leaders.

In this extract the Dalai Lama exhorts us to be optimistic.


  • …relates how optimism has helped him to get through the difficult times in his life
  • …warns of the dangers of losing hope and being pessimistic.

Simple, but impactful advice we can all use…

Video 2: Brian Tracy

In this video…

Motivational Speaker Brian Tracy explains…

  • …the differences between Optimists and Pessimists in life
  • …the difference between being happy, excited and fulfilled …and negative tiring and depressed.
He tells us that the True Measure of Mental Fitness is how excited you are about yourself and your life.

He then goes on to explain the three basic differences in thinking between optimists and pessimists.

These tips are really powerful.

They will really get you thinking about the challenges in your life in a new and empowering way…

Video 3: Anthony Robbins Interviewing Alice Herz

In this motivational video Anthony Robbins interviews…

…108 years old Holocaust survivor Alice Herz.

He tells how Alice…

  • …was an accomplished pianist at age 39
  • …but then suddenly found herself
  • …in a Nazi Concentration camp with her son.


  • …she found a way to use her talent for music
  • to survive an ordeal worse than death
  • …and become a better person for it.

Not only did she survive, but she learnt to thrive.

“Alice experiences more joy in an average day…

…than most people experience

…in their entire lives.”

She is a testament to what the human spirit can accomplish and overcome.

If we can all be just a little more like Alice,…

…not only would our lives be immeasurably better,…

…but so would our world…

Video 4: Drew Canole’s Mindset Monday

In this video Drew Canole of Fit Life…

…tells us how to be positive.

He highlights the important and essential truth…

A Negative Mind Cannot Grow A Positive Life

It is like trying to get fresh water out of a salty spring.

Negativity and Positivity cannot co-exist.

He highlights the countless benefits of a positive attitude.

He then gives us three potent tips on how to cultivate a positive mindset….

  • …in particular you will enjoy tip 3
  • …I’m sure it will have LOLing as much as it had me laughing out loud.

You will also find practical tips on how to stay in a positive state.

Get ready to be amped…

Video 5: Brendon Burchard on Reprogramming Your Mind

In this video motivator Brendon Burchard

…talks about reprogramming your mind for positive thinking.

Brandon Is Amazing...

In his usual entertaining style Brandon teaches…

  • …us how to master our psychology,
  • …instead of being a victim of random thoughts
  • …or overwhelming emotions.

He tells us about the two systems of thought psychologists have discovered…

  • System One being our automatic habitual thoughts
  • System Two being our conscious chosen thoughts
He reminds us that…

  • the peak achievers and most successful people
  • …in the world
  • …are the ones who have disciplined their mind to

…Automatically Think In Positive Ways.

He gives us the RWID framework to help us accomplish this.

Deeply impactful and life changing video that will help you turn your lemons into lemonade and make a profit in the process.”

Here goes Brandon…

Video 6:  Will Smith

I always love listening to superstar Will Smith talking about…

….positive attitude and the success mindset.

Will Smith is truly is one of our most powerful examples…

  • of someone who has done wonders in their life,…
  • …by first getting their mind right

Will reminds us of who we are and what …we must believe to excel.

He teaches us…

  • …about the power of vision
  • …and becoming something greater.

He reminds us…

  • …that we can develop the skills we need
  • …to make it big.

He reveals…

  • …the difference between
  • …the way he operates
  • …and the way less successful people operate.

“Filled with powerful life lessons we can all learn today.”

If you want to feel amped, this is the video to watch.

Will’s energy is remarkably infectious…

Video 7: Huggies Nappies

It’s Great To Finish Off With A Laugh

In this funny Huggies Nappy ad…

  • …we see the power of positive attitude,
  • …no matter the circumstances.

You will have a great laugh as you think to yourself,

“You know I should be more like that every day”

Click play to learn that…

…soiling your pants is not that bad after all ?

In Conclusion

So, there you have it…

…7 videos on optimism that will

…leave you Feeling Uplifted and Inspired.

Be sure to…

  • …bookmark this post now
  • ….and visit it
  • …whenever you are feeling low.

It is sure to…

  • …pick you up
  • …and put your mind
  • …in the right place again.

Also Remember The Great And Deep Truth…

If your life feels like hell,

  • …rejoice because you have
  • …the perfect opportunity for a barbecue  ?

Now go into the world renewed… and ready to rock it!

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