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Change your Mental State to Calm Panic

Anxiety is a mental state.

In this section we will explore...

  • ...ways to directly change 
  • ...your mental state
  • ...when you are feeling anxiety.

1. Binaural Beats

Binaural Beats...

  • ...are a revolutionary sound technology 
  • ...which can be used
  • stimulate specific brain frequencies.
Binaural Beats

 If you look at the above image...

  • can see
  • ...that Binaural Beats work
  • sending two different
  • ...sound frequencies to each ear.

The brain cannot properly process...

  • ...this difference 
  • ...and instead
  • hear a beating effect.

It is quite freaky to experience.

However, here comes the really cool part.

That beating effect...

  • ...actually entrains your brain
  • the frequency of the beating.

So as in the example above… 

If you hear a 15Hz beating,...

  • ...then you brain will 
  • ...resonate at 15Hz,
  • ...which is a Beta Brainwave,
  • ...suitable for alertness.

Here is some more interesting... about Binaural Beats:

It gets even more interesting...

...when it comes to anxiety treatment.

You see,...

  • ...Anxiety is caused by an
  • ...imbalance in brain frequencies.
  • This means your brainwaves are...
  • ...not resonating in a smooth manner.

Well, Binaural Beats...

  • ...smooths your brainwaves...
  • ...across both hemispheres.

This makes Binaural Beats...

  • ...a very effective remedy
  • ...for treating Anxiety.

All you have to do...

  • listen to the recordings 
  • ...and feel relaxed.

How To Use Binaural Beats

You need to listen to Binaural Beats recordings with earphones.

The earphones you use... 

  • ...for you mobile phone 
  • ...will be good enough 
  • most cases.

Here is a free Binaural Beats recording you can try out.

[Recording Coming Soon...]

PS: Dawning Truth is one of the world’s leading researchers into Binaural Beats technologies.

2. Humour (watch a funny video)

Humour is a very simple,...

  • ...yet highly effective way 
  • treat anxiety.

It is very hard to feel anxious... 

...when you are laughing your guts out.

Here are some very simple...

  • ...YouTube searches 
  • can use to
  • ...find the funniest YouTube videos.

Click these links to view the search in YouTube:

YouTube "funniest inspirational video"

YouTube "funniest videos ever"

YouTube "funniest commercials"

PS: This video is a hose...

3. The Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer...

  • ...was first written in response to
  • ...the evil atrocities
  • ...of the Nazi regime
  • ....during the second world war.

It was Reinhold Niebuhrs way of coping...

  • ...with a situation that he could observe,
  • ...but not physically change.

The prayer is beautiful...

  • ...because it asserts
  • ...the power of faith
  • times when we feel powerless.

And those are often the times...

...when we feel the most anxiety.

It reminds us that...

  • ...God does work things in our favour
  • ...if we have faith in him.

Here are the beautiful words of the prayer (slightly adapted):

The Serenity Prayer

God give us the Grace to Accept with Serenity
the Things that CANNOT BE Changed, 

Courage to Change the Things 
that CAN BE Changed, 

and the Wisdom 
to Distinguish the One 
from the Other.

Very powerful…

I would add one extra line to the prayer:

The Serenity Prayer

God give us the Grace to Accept with Serenity
the Things that CANNOT BE Changed, 

Courage to Change the Things 
that CAN BE Changed, 

and the Wisdom 
to Distinguish the One 
from the Other.

God Grant us the Insight
to Realise that you Work
ALL Things to our


Next time you feel anxiety,...

...spend a few moments saying the serenity prayer.

Let the peace of God reign in your heart.

4. Dog Talking

I had a tremendously hard time... a child and a young adult.

As a young adult I particularly had...

...many many troubles with relationships.

During those times...

  • ...I had nobody to talk to 
  • my family was
  • ...not particularly caring.

So, I used to talk to my dogs.

They never said anything back to me,...

...but they sure made good listeners.

I noticed that they seemed to...

...take my negative emotional energy

...away from me.

I always felt better after talking to them.

Dogs Help Us Heal

Dogs are Highly Empathetic Creatures.

In fact, they have even been used to treat prison inmates...

...who suffer from severe aggression and self-esteem issues.

Some American prisons...

...have implemented a program that pairs up inmates with abandoned dogs with the hopes of giving better lives to both.

Prisoners don't have a whole lot to look forward to in jail and the environment on the inside isn't always conducive to rehabilitation.

Likewise, abandoned dogs often find themselves on doggy death row at shelters across the country.

This reality created the perfect opportunity for prisoners and rescue dogs to help each other out.

Several prisons have begun letting inmates train abandoned dogs in order to make them more adoptable.

It gives the inmates something to look forward to and motivates them to behave as the program is seen as a privilege.

But more importantly, inmates who get to participate in the program find themselves getting unconditional love and trust from their assigned dogs which helps re-establish their own self-worth, something many prisoners struggle with while incarcerated.

This creates a truly win-win situation for everyone involved and is a touching reminder that prisons shouldn't function solely as punishment.

Source: AskMen

Talking to your dog about your anxieties...

...can rapidly improve how you feel.

Dogs are loving,

  • ...and they teach you to 
  • and care for them.

This love makes your... 

  • ...fears and worries
  • ...pale into insignificance.

Let's now explore our next...

...anxiety management technique:

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