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7 Ingenious Ways To Calm Your Anxiety

Calm Anxiety Quote

Anxiety can be a particularly debilitating ailment.

It can strike you at any moment,...

...filling you with uncontrollable fear and panic.

You don’t know what to do,...

...and feel like you have lost control.

You wish you had a better way to deal with the problem.

In this post we will explore 7 ingenious approaches you can use to calm your anxiety and to live a more peaceful and happier life.

7 World-Class Speakers Teach You the Law of Attraction

World-Class Speakers Teach You the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is one of the most powerful of all success strategies.

It teaches us how to control...

  • ...Luck
  • ...Fate
  • ...Destiny

That mysterious force, that seems to guide our lives.

The idea behind the Law of Attraction is ancient.

It is also known as the power of Faith.

The Law has been proven through the success stories of some of the most successful people in history.

People such as:

  • Andrew Carnegie (Richest Man in the World)
  • W. Clement Stone (Billionaire in Modern Terms)
  • J Paul Getty (Richest Main in the World)
  • Bill Gates (Richest Man in the World)
  • Oprah Winfrey (Billionaire)

An many others.

Notice, how many richest men in the world used the Law.

To my knowledge...

...there is no more powerful success principle on Earth.

It has even been proven in your own life...

Have you ever deeply desired something?

Dreamed about what it would be like having it... and night...

And then suddenly it just appears in your life?

That is the Law of Attraction in action.

In this post you are going to discover teachings...

...from some of the world's top experts on the Law of Attraction.

One of them is a billionaire.

It's time to become more...

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Louise Hay - Creating Our Future

Louis explains the Law of Attraction in the simplest terms possible...

Every thought that we think and every word that we speak... creating our future.

Think about that for a moment...

  • What thoughts did you think today?
  • What words did you utter?

What thoughts did you think while you were reading the news?

It's time to cleanse your mind... you watch this video

Bob Proctor - The Beginning of Change

Bob Proctor is one of the world's top Law of Attraction Gurus.

He was featured on The Secret video.

In this video he explains how he turned his life around.

Using the Law of Attraction.

And the book he read that started him on his journey...

Watch this video to discover how to...

...change your life beyond recognition.

Dr Wayne Dyer - Wishes Fulfilled

In this video Dr Dyer talks about what we actually manifest.

Is it our thoughts?

Or who we are?

Watch the video to find out...

Napoleon Hill - The Starting Point of All Acheivement

This particular recording is one of my personal favourites.

I have listened to it on many occasions.

He talks about Definiteness of Purpose...

...and how it is the starting point of all achievement.

He also explains how you turn your definiteness of purpose into...

...definiteness of attainment.

A classic recording that you will want to listen to 100 times.

Neville Goddard - The Renewed Man

In this recording Neville Goddard talks about...

  • ...the inner conversation that goes on...
  • ...inside our minds.

He explains that our inner conversation lays down the tracks...

...of our thoughts.

Which ultimately determines our destiny.

Deep and profound.

Listen now.

Morgan Freeman - Is the Universe Alive

This is one of the most powerful episodes in the fantastical...

Through the Wormhole

TV series.

In this episode they ask the question:

Is the universe alive?

It reminds me of the mystical words of Christ:

The world before appearing, existed in the depth of The Divine Mind; It became material and visible by the will of The Most High.

Now it seems science is saying the same thing.

If there ever was a scientific explanation for The Law of Attraction....

...this must be it...

Watch and be AMAZED!

Oprah Winfrey - My Message

In this interview with Larry King,...

Oprah tells us that the message of The Secret... message she have been trying to share with the world.

It is the secret to her uncommon success.

Discover the moment that absolutely changed her life forever!

And set her onto the path of greatness.

Click play now


These videos will change your life... an unrecognisable way.

It's time to enter into a new destiny.

11 Motivational Videos that will Get You Amped

Motivational Videos that will Get You Amped

Why do we lack motivation?

The answer will fascinate you...

In these videos you will discover the core reasons why we lack motivation.

Each video is carefully selected to highlight the key aspects of motivation and how it affects your life.

After watching these videos, you will feel like a new person.

These videos go beyond Bubblegum teaching, that gives you a taste, but no nutrition. They are in-depth teachings from some of the most successful motivational speakers on Earth.

That's why you want to take your time to digest their contents.

Absorbing the deep wisdom they contain.

And as you do this you will begin to feel more and more Amped everyday as you  turn your desires into realities.

Bookmark this page now. So that you can come back to it often.

Eric Thomas - How Bad Do You Want It?

A remarkably powerful video who asks the question:

"How bad do you want success?"

You see when we want something,...

...we will do what it takes to obtain it.

If we lack desire...

...we will lack action.

This video will help you develop a burning desire to become more.

Nick Vujicic - The Video that Made his Career

In this remarkably inspirational video...

...Nick Vujicic talks about his search for meaning and purpose.

He talks about how he learnt to believe in himself...

... and to inoculate himself against the harsh judgements of others.

He relates how he discovered his inner personal power...

...and how you can find your inner personal power too.

Tony Robbins - Unleash the Power Within

An extract from Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within seminar.

And in this one you will really learn how to unleash that power.

He relates how our conditioning ultimately determines out destiny.

It is the habits that matter most.

There is so much wisdom in this video that a summary would be 10 pages long!

Listen and be amazed!

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Nick Vujicic - World's Apart: No Limits, No Worries

In this powerful interview Nick Vujicic relates how we should...


Regardless of the circumstances we face.

He talks about the disability of fear and the courage to overcome all adversity and live a life of love.

A message of hope and inspiration.

Zig Ziglar - You Were ​Born to Win

Zig Ziglar is a very powerful and inspiring speaker.

In these powerful videos he teaches you that...

You Were Born to Win

But in order to win you must...

  • Plan to Win
  • Prepare to Win
  • Then Expect to Win

Powerful stuff... sure to get AMPED.

Listen now.

Jim Rohn

One of my favourite motivational speakers.

I like him because his advise if practical, not just motivational.

This presentation is at a network marketing event.

Although I'm personally no a fan of network marketing,...

...his message is spot on.

He talks about the seriousness of

  • ...success...
  • ...your future

You've got to get serious...

...then you can get results.

Gaur Gopal Das - A Monk who Bought a Ferrari

I first came across Gaur Gopal Das on WhatsApp.

People kept sending me his videos.

They were remarkably inspirational.

I thought to myself...

...I need to find out more about this guy

...and share his ideas with others.

In this video he tells the story of the monk who bought a Ferrari, in a parody of the book...

His message at the end,... a message we all have to hear.

Jim Rohn - Take Risks

I just love Jim Rohn.

In this video he talks about taking risks.

He has a very clever take on the topic.

I know I myself, used to take too few risks,...

...or the wrong types of risks.

He teaches us how to find the middle way,...

...when it comes to Risk Taking.

Gaur Gopal Das - What Makes Life Complete

I think Gaur Gopal Das... really likes fast cars...

In this very hilarious video he shares the story of how a friend asked him to bless his yellow Lamborgini...

And in so doing shares...

...a deep lesson on what makes life complete.

Richard Bandler - Become More Motivated

Richard Bandler is one of the fathers of NLP.

A breakthrough approach to reprogramming the human mind.

He is one of the world's top experts in motivation.

Potentially unequaled in his technical knowledge...

...on how the brain is motivated.

In this video his keen logic and hypnotic language patterns...

...will masterfully transform the way you think about motivation.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold needs no introduction...

...but what is more amazing is how he become a Superstar Actor.

He used the Law of Attraction and the power of Visualisation in a most remarkable way.

In this video you will discover key insights into how he visualised his future...

...and how you can mimic his strategies.


At the end of the day...

Motivation is really about...

  • Knowing what you want
  • Rewarding yourself for progress
  • Celebrating the wins
  • Looking at the bright side... even if the outside is dark

These videos have given you some powerful insights as to how you can follow these simple steps.

It's time to get motivated.

The Ultimate Inspirational Audio Book Library – Listen for FREE

The Ultimate Inspirational Audio Book Library

Welcome to the Ultimate Inspirational Audio Book Library

What stands between you and your goals?

It is not what you think.

Most people think it is a lack of some resource such as:

  • Money
  • An educational qualification
  • Not knowing the right people
  • Time

But that is not so...

  • Money can be acquired
  • Qualifications can be Obtained
  • You can get to know the Right People
  • You can hire someone to get more Time

If you know how...

And that is what stands between you and your goals...


And that is why we compiled this Ultimate Inspirational Audio Book Library.

To give you the know how you need, to attain your Dreams.

Listen to the Audio Books on this web page and your life will be transformed forever.

Be Sure to Bookmark this Page. 

As it will Quickly Become Your Favourite Page on the Internet.

Success in Life - The Fundamentals

In this section you will listen to audio books which give you the fundamentals of the success journey.

The selection of books may seem a touch unconventional.

Traditionally we expect success books to be all about:

  • Goals
  • Action
  • And Hard Hard Work

These are important, but there are also other forces at play like:

  • Luck
  • Skill
  • And Wisdom

The more mysterious elements that influence destiny. 

This selection of audio books will help you master these mysterious elements.

Which it turns out...

...are the real contributors to ultimate success.

Topical Audio Book Listing


These audio books will help you deal with anxiety. One of the biggest challenges modern times.


Money makes the world go round... it the vital representation of energy and potential energy.

With money we can do things...

...without money nothing happens.

That is why you need to master the techniques for:

  • Acquiring money
  • And accumulating wealth

These audio books will teach you those techniques.

Interpersonal Skills

Humans are social beings...

Our lives are intertwined... and our fates co-joined.

That's why we need to learn the best ways of relating to our fellow human beings.

These audio books will teach you how best to relate to others.

Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is the fundamental principle of Luck.

Using the law we can create good luck, that has made people such as...

  • Bill Gates
  • And Oprah Winfrey


Mastery of this law is the ultimate success skill.

These audio books will help you develop that mastery.


Great Men and Great Women are leaders.

They take others to a better place...

...and create a better world.

Those that Aspire to Be More...

...must master leadership.

These audio books will help you master leadership.

Life Lessons

Experience is a powerful teacher...

It is also costly.

Experience costs time. A irreplaceable resource.

That's why it's better to learn from the experience of others,...

...than to pay the time price yourself.

These audio books will teach you life lessons from others.

Life Stories

Want to have the wisdom of a thousand lifetimes?

Then read the life stories of others.

These audio books provide you with life stories of truly remarkable people.

People whose stories can make you remarkable.

Mastering the Mind

The mind is the beginning and end of all life.

And perhaps the universe itself.

Mastery of the mind is mastery of all.

These audio books will teach you how to master your mind.


Motivation is the fuel of action.

It provides the impetus and energy required to put in sustained effort.

These audio books will teach you how to motivate yourself.


The journey of success can be tough.

At times you may feel like it is not worth it.


You may have developed the bad habit of...


The Audio Books in this section will help you break that bad habit.

You will learn to...

  • Persevere to the End
  • And receive your Reward

Positive Thinking and Positive attitude


Psychology provides powerful tools for mastering the mind.

The audio books in this section will provide you with these tools.

Self Confidence

Self Confidence is the foundation of a well formed life.

If you do not believe in yourself... can you expect others to...

  • trust you 
  • and to follow you.

These audio books will teach you how to...

  • develop confidence in yourself
  • and trust in yourself that others may trust in you


Sales is the engine of economic progress.

Nothing happens in the world...

...unless a sale is first made.

These audio books will give you the foundations of this most vital skill.


Strategy is Acting Intelligently.

There many actions you can take your your success journey.

Not all are equal in effectiveness.

That is why you need to master strategy.

These audio books will help you do that.


Success is what we all desire.

To become more.

These audio books will provide you with the key insights you need to...

Become more.

Success in Business

Business is the most common pathway to success.

That's why you need to master the principles of business.

These audio books will help you do that.

The Way

The Way is an ancient and mysterious philosophy.

It has found it's way into every religion and spiritual practice on the planet.

There are some that view The Way as the first religion or the old religion.

These audio books will give you an introduction to some of the ideas in The Way.

Just remember...

The Way is not something you know... is something you do...

Audio Books that Make a Difference


There you have it.

The Ultimate Inspirational Audio Book Library

We will be adding to this collection from time to time.

So be sure to Bookmark this Page.

As you will want to return to it often.

Remember, this page is useless...

...unless you use it.

So start listening NOW!