​How to Practically Realise Your HIGHER Calling​

THE GREAT WAY is a community dedicated to helping you practically realise your Higher Calling.

You can think of this community as a Parakletos. Parakletos is the Greek word for "One who goes alongside".

It refers to the idea of someone joining you on a long journey, to make it smoother and easier.

That is what The Great Way​ community does for you. We join you on your journey through life, helping you to make those crucial breakthroughs that transform your life from mundane to beautiful.

​This is how we travel with you...

The Change Begins with YOU

​You are the creator of your life. The shaper of your Destiny. You choose what you will do with your waking moments. Those choices have consequences. Bad choices lead to an unfulfilling life. Good choices lead to a Destiny of Dreams.

Therefore, the first place to create change is within yourself. To make yourself a more complete, whole, and powerful person.

We join you on your journey of change by helping you deal with the emotional stuff that holds you back. ​Helping you reprogram your mind with powerful enabling beliefs. ​Helping you discover your life purpose and mission on Earth. ​Helping you awaken the Greatness within and become a person of power.

We accomplish this great aim using remarkable 21st Century Hypnosis Technology. Over the past 20 years mankind have made the most remarkable breakthroughs in the science of hypnosis. We use these breakthroughs to transform the very depths of your soul - automatically.

We provide youy with ​a series of hypnosis recordings which you listen to before bed. These recordings are based on powerful NLP, Human Software Engineering and Emotional Wholeness Engineering Techniques.

The recordings transform the core of your being and the depths of your unconscious mind. These changes are then powerfully processed using Dream Reprocessing Technique, which integrates the changes into your day-to-day existence.

One of the key techniques we use to attain this profound objective is called Core Transformation. It is perhaps the most potent personal change technique ever developed. Created by Connirae Andreas and Tamara Andreas it enables you to transmute inner limitations and personal issues into profound states of Inner Peace, Joy, Love, Being and Oneness. It allows you to find and live your AM.

Described by the poem:

The Inner Essence
The Core
The Way
The Am

The Love
The Being
The Soul
The Spirit


Quite possibly the most profound change you can ever experience in your life. You start to think differently, feel differently, act differently, and as a result, create a different life.

​This is the beginning of our journey together...

​​You Then Discover the Secrets to Changing Your Life

As you become a person of power, you will be psychologically enabled to create a new and magnificent life.

You will then be ready to take transformative action. We help take that action.

To enable you to do this, we ​provide you with access to the most effective life coaching tools and techniques available. You will discover how to effectively analyse your life. Where you are today, where you want to go tomorrow. How to get there in practical terms.

These tools are based on 20 years of research into the inner secrets of greatness. If you want to live a life of impact, then who better to emulate than those that have changed the world.

People like Nelson Mandela, Oprah Winfrey, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Bill Gates and Napoleon Hill. This is just a small selection of the people whose lives we have studied and whose success secrets we have incorporated into our coaching tools.

You will begin to envision your great and noble calling. What your Magnum Opus (Great Work) will be. You will become inspired by this vision and feel in awe of the wonder of its accomplishment.

You will then get down to the practical fun, and all-consuming work of turning your vision into reality. Of moulding and shaping your Magnum Opus (Great Work) and filling it with the breath of life.

The journey will be magnificent. Filled with awe and wonder, as you reach out, to touch your highest high.

​You ​will not be alone in ​this journey because...

​We Will Walk Alongside You

Building a life of magnificence and rich and deep meaning should never be done alone. It is not a solo activity.

You need people to interact with. To bounce off ideas. To help you through the stuck states and over the obstacles of the journey. That way your journey can be smooth and your progress consistent.

That's why we have created The Great Way​ Facebook Group. It is a place you can go to ask questions, get advice. Sound off your ideas. And just hang out and chat about life in general.

WITH… like-minded people, who are also building magnificent lives for themselves. You will never feel alone on your great journey through life, because your will have The Great Way​ community to support you.

You will also get to experience one of the greatest joys of life. The joy of helping others change the world. You see the ultimate joy in life comes from giving.

As you help your fellow community members to realise their Higher Calling, you will get to share in their greatness. Becoming a greater person yourself, as your impact is exponentially multiplied through the achievement of THEIR dreams.

So, you get the satisfaction of accomplishing your own higher calling and the satisfaction of helping others accomplish their higher calling.

The ultimate in fulfillment and satisfaction.

​​We Have the Expertise to Help you Change Your Life

The Great Way community is led by Dave Lucas. He has spent over 20 years studying the lives of over 43 of the most exceptional achievers in history.

People who have lived their Higher Calling and created lives that are written down in the annals of history.

People such as Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Napoleon Hill, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.​

He has published the results of his research in ​his book, Become Great and Powerful.

He has also been in the unique position of personally interviewing over a thousand people who have found a way to build fulfilling lives that matter to them and the world. This also includes studying the thinking patterns of high IQ geniuses who are members of Mensa.

All this was accomplished using state-of-the-art NLP modelling techniques and a technology he invented called Human Software Engineering. Human Software Engineering enables us to write software for the human brain. It also enables us to reverse engineer the software of others, so we can duplicate the essence of their excellence.

In addition to all the above he is an NLP Master Practitioner, Executive Coach and Engineer by training. His training company Dawning Truth has also trained over 2500 people from leading corporates like Accenture, Deloitte and Madison Life Zambia (On behalf of UN company AMSCO).  

So, you can rest assured that everything we do in The Great Way community is based on solid research and sound proven principles.

We know what it takes to help you create profound and long-lasting change in your life.

The Great Way community is our labour of love our Magnum Opus (Great Work).

​It is our Great Work to be your Parakletos through your journey of life.

You've Got Nothing To Lose - Try Us Free for 14 Days

We want you to experience the joy and wonder of The Great Way community for yourself.

We know it is very challenging to show you how profound the community is without giving you a first-hand experience of what we are talking about.​

That is why we have decided to give you access to The Great Way community for free for 14 days.

You can try out all the hypnotic tools and experience the power of Core Transformation. You can discover some of the inner secrets of greatness that have literally changed the world. You can interact with the community, ask questions and begin the journey of creating your Magnum Opus (Great Work).

Once you have had this profound experience we are very confident you will want to stay on.

To stay on you simply convert to a full community membership and pay $29.95 per month. About the price of a nice meal, but better as it's nourishment for your soul.

When you think about it… what is $29.95 per month, when compared to realising your Higher Calling? When compared with having ​The Great Way community ​help you ​on your noble journey?


​This is Your Moment

There comes a time in every person's life when they reach a crossroad. Two paths to follow.

Do they continue with things the way they are, or do they create a new and magnificent life?​

Today you are at that crossroad.

You can continue just the way you are. Being busy, chasing $ signs, getting petted for your brilliant social media updates. Living a hectic life that is essentially empty and will ultimately be forgotten.

Or you can live a life of magnificence, beauty, wonder and awe by joining The Great Way community. A life that can never be forgotten.

That's why you may wish to ​join The Great Way community now. Because ​you can't travel ​your journey of wonder​ ​alone. ​​​You need ​support​.

​Let us be your Parakletos.

You've got nothing to lose from trying out The Great Way​ community ​because ​your trial is free. ​Make this the turning point of your life.

You owe it to yourself.

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