Do YOU Ever Question the Purpose of Your Existence?

WE live our lives as a never-ending to-do list​.

​We are always appeasing the here and now, the urgent, the practical, the mundane (The Lower Self).

​Because our lives are so crowded by ceaseless activity, there is no space for the higher aspects of life: the noble, the great, the wonderful, the beautiful, the inspiring, and the magnificent (The Higher Self).  

Therefore, our lives end up becoming mundane.

Lives filled with trivia and low meaning activity. This makes us feel empty, and we question the purpose of our very existence. 

Were we Really Born to Run Around Like Hungry Chickens?

​Were we really meant to chase little dollar signs like a chicken chases corn seeds? ​Or, to try to be mini-celebrities chasing attention like a dog wanting to be petted?

​Or were we meant for something more significant? A higher noble purpose? A life of magnificence and rich, deep meaning? A life that matters where we envision the great and spend our days working towards its attainment?

Where our every action, every breath, every idea, every emotion is filled with a sense of awe, of being lost in the wonder of our great and noble calling-our Magnum Opus (Great Work).

Where life is no longer about the small and trivial, but about touching our highest high.

​Deep within each of our Souls, we know we are meant for this higher calling.

​The Challenge is that, we Don't Know How to Practically Realise this Higher Calling

Life gets in the way too easily. We have too many distractions. Too many worries and anxieties. Too many things sucking our time and energy, our very life force, leaving us tired, drained and exhausted.​

​Furthermore, our true purpose becomes distorted by The Lower Self. We often dream of money, leisure, or a fancy job, but neglect the deeper dreams of our soul. What does it profit us if we gain the whole world, but lose our essence?

Is there a way to earn our fortune while accomplishing that which fulfils us?

As we deeply contemplate all these thoughts, we realise that we need to change the way we are living because if we do not change, we will ultimately live a life without meaning. A life that is forgotten .

The challenge is that there are so many factors working against us. Trying to make this change is like trying to swim up a waterfall which keeps pushing us down. Submerging us in the old ways. Keeping life mundane.

How do we make this change considering all these practical constraints?

How do we live the higher life we were meant to live?

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